Aquarium Keeping

How much time should I devote to looking after my aquarium?

We recommend a minimum of an hour per week to do the essential maintenance (this is on top of the daily routine such as feeding). However this is a great hobby and we presume the reason you want to start an aquarium is because you enjoy taking care of your tank inhabitants, so makes it as much time as you’d like! Make it a family event and get the kids involved too!

How much does it cost to set up a marine tank?

The cost for marine aquarium keeping has become highly affordable in the last decade. With the latest technology like LED lighting, DC pumps and efficient skimming, even a novice can maintain beautiful marine ecosystems in their home. Our most affordable marine system starts at around $600.

Is it hard to start a marine tank?

It used to be that to keep a marine tank you need to be a chemistry and biology wiz. But in recent times, technologies such as LED lighting, DC pumps, and technique like using live rock has made this hobby very much accessible for beginner hobbyists. If you are unsure where to start, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help get you started.

What is 'Cycling' and why is it essential?

All aquariums need to go through a process so the beneficial colonies of bacteria that detoxifies ammonia and nitrite have time to grow to a reasonable size so they may support your fish population.

We call this process ‘Cycling’, it generally takes between 2 to 3 weeks to complete. We stock a range of products that can kick start this process.

It is essential *NOT* to add any fish before this process can complete, otherwise they may get sick or die from harmful ammonia toxins.

What's 'Live Rock'?

Live rock is naturally occurring porous rocks that provide an ideal environment for beneficial de-nitrification bacteria colonies. They often come with an array of interesting hitch-hiking organisms that adds bio-diversity to your aquarium system. They are a fixture in today’s marine aquarium systems.

We stock ultra premium grade sustainable collected live rocks, come visit the store and take a look!

Should I and how do I test water?

A fresh water or salt water test kit will give you the essential information about your aquarium water quality, which is vital to keep the tank inhabitants health and happy. We only stock the best quality to ensure accurate results. Click here to view our range of test kits.

How much should I feed my fish?

Toxification of your water by fouled food resulting from over feeding is one of the most common causes of fish sickness and death.

Your fish may look hungry all the time, but in nature they are not used to get the quantity of readily available food as in our tanks.

We’d recommend feed a little bit at a time, no more than your fish can consume within a couple of minutes. Up to twice daily.

Why I must NOT add all my fish to the tank at the same time?

If you tank is ready and had completed it’s ‘Cycling’ (see above), you may introduce fish to your system slowly and never over stock at any one time. By that we mean don’t add too many fish to your newly established aquarium eco-system  Do it gradually over a sensible amount of time.

Your aquarium is a delicate closed eco-system that needs to remain at it’s optimum by achieving a good balance between bio-load (the number of fish or other organisms) and the de-nitrification bacteria colony.

BY adding too many fish at a time, you throw this balance off and the beneficial bacteria would not have time to expand it’s population to cope with the additional bio-load.

Which means the waste product from your fish will not get de-detoxified and your water quality would suffer, resulting in fish sickness or death.

Why adding too many fish to a tank should be avoided?

Just as it’s a bad idea to pack 100 people into a single small room, it’s a bad idea to pack too many fish into any fish tank. Unlike the ocean or the river and lake system were our fish came from originally, your tank is an finite, closed eco-system. As with any closed system, it has a maximum capacity to accommodate it’s inhabitants.

If you over stock, the water quality will suffer. In addition fish have a natural territory similar to our personal space, if you squeeze too many together, they will show aggression towards each other that may result in injury or death.

Of course a larger tank can host more fish than a smaller one, so if you do want to keep many fish, it’s better to start reasonably large.

How do I introduce my new fish to the tank?

It is important to acclimatise your new fish to your tank slowly to avoid shock.

At the very minimum, start by floating the bag your fish came in in your tank for at least 10 minutes to equalise the water temperature. Once that’s done, remove a portion of the water in the bag and throw that away, replace that same volume with water from your tank by adding it slowly to the bag, over several minutes. You may want to repeat this water replacement process several times with 5 to 10 minutes break in the middle of each.

Finally, after you have a good mixture of water from your tank in the holding bag, gently catch the fish with a soft net, and place it in your tank quickly. Discard the water left in the bag.

After introduction, you fish will feel stressed and scared for a while, how long this will last varies from fish to fish. It is generally recommended to reduce the lighting intensity and reduce feeding when you fish is recovering. Don’t tap on the glass to ‘encourage’ your new fish to come out! They will do so on their own terms.

Shipping Information

What shipping methods do you use?

Due to their heavy and fragile nature, we can not post aquarium systems. After purchase, you can collect from our warehouse in Noosaville, Sunshine Coast. We could also organise local delivery by prior arrangement.

For non bulky items, we use Fasyways courier or Aus Post.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

All orders are shipped within 48 hours of receipt of payment. If you live in major urban areas on the east coast allow 2-3 working days. For the west coast & Tasmania allow 5 working days. Regional and rural areas will take additional time for delivery.

Do you ship internationally?

Due to the nature of our goods, we regretfully do not offer international shipping. In addition our system is set up so international order would not be processed.

Payment Information

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept direct bank transfer (within Australia) online and VISA/ MasterCard credit or debit cards over the phone. Your credit card information is processed via Zeller Secure Business EFTPOS system to ensure maximum security.

Is buying online safe?

We take online safety very seriously. Your credit card will be processed by the National Australia Bank, a trusted Australia institution.

We employ SSL technology to encrypt the information transferred between you and the site.

Your information will not be passed to any third party.

Warranty and returns

Is there warranty on the products I bought?

Certainly. All the products we carry are official Australia sourced and from well known brands. Unlike some other stores, we do not sell ‘grey market’ or parallel imported goods which does not carry an official Australia warranty.

Each products will carry it’s manufacturer’s standard warranty. If the product develops a fault during the warranty period, please contact us to arrange a repair or replacement (this is at the discretion of the manufacturer).

Do you accept returns?

Please see our Returns page for detailed information.