We are the specialists in marine & tropical aquariums

We know what we are talking about when it comes to designing and managing your aquarium. With 15 years experience in the retail industry, aquariums are our passion. We supply well known brands as well as build custom aquariums for particular needs.

  • We only stock quality systems and components that will ensure the long term maintenance of a healthy marine environment.
  • We can source a large range of hard to find products and accessories.
  • Great warehouse location where you can come and browse & have a friendly chat.

Full Customer Service

At Rene’s, friendly advise is free. We take the time to find out what you really need and won’t try to upsell just for the profit.

We offer backup service with our products and can also help with installation if you are situated locally.

Who we are

Alex Anderson is the owner and proprietor of Rene’s Marine & Tropical Aquariums. Marine aquariums keeping has been a hobby and passion of his for many years before he decided to take it professionally and go into Business with Rene’s. He loves sharing his knowledge with others.